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Litecoin News. Filter. Select Filter (All) (None). is due to activate on the Litecoin network today.

This is a big day for both currencies who we can call brothers.The past few weeks have been quite intense for Litecoin users, to say the least.According to Charlie Lee, the creator of Litecoin, many people do not know the meaning of Segregated Witness (SegWit).The tilt toward Litecoin is partly because SegWit, which is already active on Litecoin, is now active on Bitcoin, and this allows cross-network transactions between.

Vote has been considered to support SegWit for Litecoin and to support this action a group of Chinese crypto entities from across the scaling debate has gathered.Deposit some BTC then with as little as 0.01 BTC you play and get fees of ie 0.07 (just example).

Litecoin SegWit Can Open a New Frontier for Blockchains

Once that threshold is achieved, it will take another activation period before SegWit becomes active on the Litecoin network.

Litecoin SegWit signal is reaching critical 75% threshold

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Litecoin SegWit D-Day Sees 38 Percent Daily Price Growth

A successful SegWit activation for Litecoin could have an effect on the bitcoin network too, though.

Litecoin to pass Segwit before July 2017. Any reputable news site for confirmation. bitcoin,.The Litecoin SegWit soft fork will start signalling on block.After signaling for SegWit, it seemed like Chinese mining pools would oppose the scaling solution.Between, I was wondering that does this segwit thing create another Bitcoin type like that BCC Bitcoin on 1st August.Litecoin Continues Bullish Trend As SegWit Activation Draws Closer.

SegWit, a highly anticipated code change, is set to lock-in on the public litecoin blockchain today.

Litecoin Releases Ambitious Roadmap For 2017 As SegWit

Upcoming - Cross-chain swaps with other coins (ie BTC) and really nice Microtransactions. tldr - this is BIG.With the current fee levels, Bitcoin payments is only competitive to Fiat payments in some very few usecases, including bigger cross-border transactions and criminal use cases.You need to write some good content and people will follow you.If you enjoyed what you read here, create your account today and start earning FREE STEEM.Bitcoin News: Trezor Software Update Enables Full Litecoin SegWit Support.

How is SegWit Going To Affect The Valuation of Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and the Market as a Whole.Sold All My Bitcoin For Litecoin! ($50 LTC...

Possible headaches segwit could cause for bitcoin

Mining pool operators can together to meet the demands of the community.It is not surprising to find out some companies oppose SegWit activation on the litecoin network.


Ethereum and Litecoin: Price Speculation |

The signaling for SegWit by Bitcoin miners has stagnated since early December.

Litecoin: Consider A Slice To Diversify Digital Currencies

Now what this gives is Instant payments, better privacy, smaller fees.I also have some bad experiences with transfering btc lately.

Bitcoin miners have begun signalling Segwit2x despite fierce opposition from segments of the community, as Litecoin and Dash grow to take its place as digital money.While you may not have enough funds to buy loads of LTC or BTC or you are afraid you can leverage trade on ie BitMex.Litecoin creator and Director of Engineering at Coinbase, Charlie Lee, recently held a meeting with several of the largest exchanges and mining pools that use.Litecoin has an immense amount of potential,. there is good news on that front. Meanwhile Litecoin already integrated SegWit and got on the Lightning Network.